Quick and Easy Tips for Your Bedroom

Naturally the main piece you'll find in the bedroom is the bed. But if you want a king size bed, there are two sizes available. You should know that sheet manufacturers do not make sheets for both king size beds. decorating, redecorating, decorate, redecorate In fact, they choose one or the other one, so if you have a particular sheet set you like, better check out whether it comes in the regular King size or the California King. This goes for bedspreads as well. It would be nice if all sets came in regular King or California King, but they do not. Turn your innerspring mattress around every week or so and flip it over every month, at least for the first six months. Give your mattress a chance to settle and get used to your weight. And while you're at it, let your mattress be open to the air for a while every time you change the sheets. This will release any moisture built up from the heat of your body while you were sleeping. So let it air out for a couple of hours before you put clean sheets on it.

The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be so that you don't invite back pain. If two are sleeping in the same bed, both partners should lie on the mattress to make sure it is comfortable for both people and that you have sufficient room.

Mattress Sizes
Twin (and long twin) - 39x75 or 80 or 84
Full (or double and long double) - 54x75 or 80 or 84
Queen - 60x80
King - 76x80
California King - 72x84

Unfitted Bed Sheet Sizes
Twin - 66x96
Full - 81x96 Queen - 90x102 King - 108x102

decorating, redecorating, decorate, redecorate Blanket Sizes
Twin - 66x96
Full - 80x96
Queen - 90x96
King - 108x96

Comforter Sizes
Twin - 66x86
Full - 78 or 81x86
Queen - 86 or 88x92
King - 102 or 107x92

Bedspread Sizes
Twin - 81x110
Full - 96x110
Queen - 102x110
King - 120x118

Pillowcase Sizes
Standard - 20x26 (for full size beds)
Queen - 20x34 (for queen sized beds)
King - 20x40 (for king sized beds)

decorating, redecorating, decorate, redecorate
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