Tips for Successful Garage Sales
by Barbara Jennings

With Ebay, Craigslist and the Pennysaver, it's easy to forget there are other methods of getting rid of unwanted possessions - like the old fashioned garage sale. I just had a gal hold a successful garage sale so she could afford to take my Gold Interior Redesign Training Program to become an interior redesigner.

I know they can be a pain - but no pain, no gain. But you can do some specific things that will make them a success, and even a pleasant experience.

All you need is a little planning, some organizational skills and enthusiasm. You can even gather throwaways from neighbors, family and friends to make it nice an full. Here are 7 useful tips:

  • Begin your advertising at least two weeks in advance. Many people plan out a sequence of several sales they will visit. Give them some advance notice.
  • Set aside a special place to sell beverages to buyers. Shopping always makes people thirsty.
  • Put your large furniture items out front. You will always make your best money off of furniture.
  • Post large signs on your property and around the neighborhood that point people in the right direction.
  • Remove items that might harm children or at least put them up high.
  • Put pets in your back yard.
  • Hire a babysitter if you have young children of your own.
  • Wear a nametag, badge or apron that identifies you as the seller.
  • Designate one person to handle the cash. Have plenty of change available.
  • Be careful not to overprice items. If things are not selling well by mid-morning, reduce your prices.
  • Before you pick a date, check to see if your city limits when you can have sales. Check the Farmer's Almanac and weather forecasts in advance.
  • Your local paper might have a "Garage Sale Kit" which might include signs, pricing stickers, markers, arrows, an inventory sheet and more tips.
  • Have a $1 table, a $3 table and a $5 table and so on.
  • If you have a book table, for instance, price them all the same and you don't have to answer so many questions.
  • Categorize your items: kitchen, bath, bedroom, linens, etc.
  • Toward the end of the day, consider selling shoes and clothes in bulk for a special price.

With the proper care, your laminate flooring should remain durable and beautiful.

About the Author
Barbara Jennings is a well known author and interior decorator in Southern California. She is also a published artist. She teaches rearrangement design and how to do it as a home based business. Visit her website at Decorate-Redecorate.Com. Used by permission.

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