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Barbara, A sofa in a family room was put against a wall. A picture was hung about 8 inches above the sofa. We pulled the sofa into the room probably 2 and a half feet to bring it closer to the TV and fireplace. Now the picture looks too low so I'll raise it. My question is: Should that picture be considered now on a walkby wall or still part of the sofa grouping? Since the sofa has been moved such a short distance I don't know what height to put it now. If I get someone to hold it at various positions I think I'll know where it looks best, but is there a guideline to follow here? People could, but I don't think will be walking behind the sofa (because there is nowhere to go, except to another wall!) Phyllis


This is difficult to tell without being there. You didn't say if it's a real large piece or not. Knowing how people tend to decorate, I'm going to assume it's medium to smaller and if so, it's no doubt going to look out of scale with the sofa and out of proportion to the wall.

Solution: Remove the picture. Put a console table behind the sofa and since no one is likely to walk behind it, put a lamp, floral, books, etc on the console. Make them tall enough so that they stand higher than the back of the sofa and serve as a nice attractive backdrop. The console will eat up a good portion of the gap between sofa and wall. Fill in any left over gaps with floor plants. Then no one will even try to go back there and if you have a lamp on the console the plants will hide the cord.

If you leave the art on the wall, still think about adding a console with lamp and ornaments. Work the picture to the right height where it appears to be part of the grouping on the console.

If these ideas don't work out, remove the picture and hang an oversized tapestry on the wall. Since the furniture is not flush with the wall, it is considered a walk-by wall, so you'll need something quite large to look right and be in good scale with the sofa and good proportion to the wall.


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Barbara Jennings is the author of 6 decorating books and owns one of the top decorating websites on the internet, Two of her most popular books are Decor Secrets Revealed, the art of arranging furniture and accessories, and Rearrange It, a training on how to become a redesigner. Used by permission.

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