Summer Makeover Tips

summer decorating tips The trick to decorating for the summer is to lighten everything up. Let's take a bedroom, for instance. An easy way to make an immediate impact is to change your coverlet, window toppers and/or accessories from the darker tones to very light colors, even tone on tone. Take away the heavy fabrics and darker colors and bring in pastels and light weight fabrics, for a more airy, breezy effect. Change out your pillows and get a little more feminine.

In a living room or family room, consider adding lightweight slip-covers for the chairs. You can find these read made and get a quick and easy summer look. Remove your heavy drapes and get them cleaned while you're enjoying the lighter look. Instead of the drapes, choose a fabric topper that is light in color - which will look great over your blinds, verticals or sheers.

Fresh flowers bring the outdoors inside and the spring/summer flowers should be abundant right now. You'll also enjoy the aroma they bring too. This is a good time to also remove the heavy accessories, such as neddlepoint pillows, heavy pots and bright artwork. Instead think about clear-cut glass vases, cotton pillows, pastel art/prints, greenery and even removing some items from the room. You always want to have some additional accessories in storage anyway so you can rotate things for greatest enjoyment. This is a good time to rotate some things out of the room, and rotate other things back in.

Try a different color of paint in the room - something lighter and more pale - or a different color altogether. Expect pink to be coming in strong over the next year, following fashion trends. That salmon color, kind of a bridge between pink and peach could be a nice choice. Look for summer colors, such as a creamy yellow, sky blue or a spring green. Combine all of your choices with a crisp white accent, say in the sheets, in a bedroom, pillows elsewhere.

Add some baskets to make the room feel more casual. Bring in some of the global influences, such as chests from Asia, embroidery from the Middle East. Mix it up - you'll love it.

Don't feel you have to do a complete change out. Just a few well placed touches can make all the difference. You'll fall in love with your home all over again and it will be a very quick and relatively inexpensive makeover you'll enjoy all summer.

Move your furniture around into a different arrangement. This is the perfect opportunity to clean under the pieces you don't move very often. Even if you don't change anything but the arrangement in the room, you'll be amazed at how new and wonderful everything seems. You'll probably even be more motivated to clean and tidy up afterwards.

If you're not very good with live plants, bring in some quality artificial ones. Look for graduations of tone on the leaves and petals to determine a quality plant from the others.

Watch out for trends. Go with what you really like and that is most functional for the room. Trends are here today and gone just as soon. But what you love will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Use What You Already Have to Redecorate Instantly

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