Using Multi-Purpose Furniture
by Barbara Jennings

Make the most of each room with pieces that have more than one use.

The best way to find a bargain when shopping for furniture is to buy pieces that can be used for more than one purpose.Take, for example, the sofa bed.When used as a sofa, the room functions as family or living room area by day, and by night, a bedroom or guest room.Therefore, with the same amount of space, and just a little bit more cost, youíve effectively doubled the use of one room.

If you have a designated room in your home that is used as a guest sleep room a few times a year, or only on the weekends, the best thing to do is purchase a sofa bed, rather than supplying the room with a twin mattress.Think of the room in terms of what it will be used for most during the year.Setting a sofa bed in the room will encourage you to utilize the room as a den or living room when no guests are occupying it, thus allowing you to enjoy more of the square footage in your home.

When used as a den, the room will probably be furnished with an entertainment center, a library wall, and desk.Not only will this allow your guests access to entertainment, but will you will be able to use the room on other days to your personal benefit.

Using Wall Beds, Daybeds and More!

The wall bed is another great space saving investment.Bed, lighting, and storage are all contained within a small space when not in use, and are perfect for the den/guest room combination.

And what about daybeds?Daybeds are beautiful in the daytime, and can be used as beds in the nighttime.Make sure to furnish with several throw pillows, as sitting on daybeds comfortably can be a challenge without them, as they stand about 40 inches deep.

Chairs that rock, chairs that swivel, and chairs that roll are good buys, but chairs that do all three are the bargain!When purchasing, make sure that you are paying attention to quality.Motion chairs need to be made to endure all the motion. And, of course, it wouldnít be a bargain if it didnít last!

Have you tried flip top tables?When not in use, these clever guys take up minimal space,but when employed, can expand nicely to accommodate larger groups.Also take a look at stacking or nesting tables.Though they donít convert into anything, they save space when not in use, and can expand to serve larger groups of people as well.

Remember to think multipurpose when buying your next furnishing.After all, a bargain isnít a bargain until you get two for the price of one!

About the Author
Barbara Jennings is the author of Decor Secrets Revealed and a number of other decorating books offered for sale on this site as well as her website, Used by permission.

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