Easy Edible Table Decorations  
by Barbara Jennings
There are always parties to be planned, no matter what season of the year it is. There are bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, team parties and so on. Have you ever thought about making your table decorations our of edible things? They are easy to make and you can eat them after the party is over! So there's no waste.

Edible table decorations. What an idea. What should you use? Well, for starters, why not get a three-tiered serving plate or bowl. Get some flowers, some florist vials, and fruit. I recommend two pineapples, red grapes, mangos and kiwi - but just about any fruit that is in season will do. You can use the pineapple as the center and built around it, or cut it open and use slices to add color and beauty to the arrangement.

Let's use the pineapple as the center. Surround it with the grapes. You need to wash and dry the grapes first, then separate any large clusters into smaller groups so that guests can easily take a small bunch on their plate. Add slices of the other fruit here and there amongst the grapes until the whole centerpiece is equally arranged.

Take the florist vials and fill with water. Then take your washed flowers and fill the vials with flowers and stick them randomly amongst the fruit until the arrangement looks full and balanced. The fruit will hide the vials and hold them in place at the same time. Most flowers will remain fresh for a few days, depending on the type. Alstroemeria will usually stay fresh for about a week. This allows you to make the arrangement in advance without worry.

The grapes should be added just before the party, along with the other fruit.

If your party is a bridal shower or baby shower, buy a few extra vials and flowers. Attach one vial with a flower in it to a napkin and arrange at each place setting.

Some wonderful fruit combinations you can try are: green grapes, oranges and kumquats. Or try cherries and pears. Then there are kumquats, lemons and limes. Or try red grapes and tangerines. All make very colorful displays.

Fruit and flowers are probably the most festive, but you could always substitute the fruit for colorful vegetables.

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About the Author Barbara Jennings is a well known author and interior decorator in Southern California. She is also a published artist. She teaches rearrangement design and how to do it as a home based business. Visit her website at Decorate-Redecorate.Com. Used by permission.

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